Stop Hitting Me in the Head With Your Bible!

god-speaks-english I have nothing against religion, in fact I encourage you to practice the religion of your choice, but please, stop hitting me over the head with your bible! My religion in none of your business, and quite frankly yours is of no interest to me. Someone seems to have sold the Tea Party on the idea that God:

  1. Is American
  2. Speaks English, exclusively
  3. Is White
  4. Is Christian
  5. Has a particular political agenda
  6. Hates certain groups of people

Let’s take these points one by one, and try to unravel them.

God is American (and of course so was Jesus). This is ludicrous on about a trillion levels, but let’s start with the fact that America as we know it today (inhabited mainly by non-indigenous people) has only existed for a few hundred years, and even evolution deniers concede the earth is 6,000 years old. Which leaves two options, God is actually a Native American (in which case we are in some deep shit) or God is an immigrant, hmmm…

God speaks only English. I think what this really means is that God is just for American Christians, not the rest of the God-less world population that includes Buddhists, Mulims, Jews, Hindus and of course atheists.  Just a little reminder that Jesus and the Disciples spoke Aramaic. Frankly I don’t believe God speaks at all. At one time people who claimed they heard God speaking to them were institutionalized, or medicated. Personally I don’t believe that God communicates directly with any of us. I mean there are seven billion of us!

God Is White. Do you recall this past Christmas when Fox “News” exploded when someone said that Santa might not be white? There are still plenty of people who think Jesus had blond hair and blue eyes (highly unlikely) and that his dad, God, is some old dude with white hair and flowing robes looking down at America and genially telling us which groups to hate. I am no biblical scholar, but I attended many years of religious school, and not once did anyone mention hate as part of the message from the bible (which incidentally people, not God wrote).

God is Christian. Well, if God were American (and we already covered this nonsense) there is a good chance God would be Christian, as 73% of Americans are Christian (but there are an awful lot of denominations under that umbrella), but the world is only 33% Christian, and since religion essentially is built on revering God, it doesn’t seem like God would participate in any religion, unless God is a serious narcissist, which is not out of the question.  As religions go, Christianity is the newest kid on the block. And if we’re going with the 6,000 year story (and it is a story) then what all was God doing for the 4,000 years before Christianity began? God has a political agenda. If you’re going to go all biblical, it seems like the only agenda God has is for us is to follow the ten commandments, and not one of those mentions voting Republican, and in fact if you look at the  Republican agenda, most of it goes against the ten commandments. When you can explain to me why Fundamentalist Christians aren’t murderers based on their actions like bombing abortion clinics, murdering doctors who perform abortions, and encouraging the proliferation of automatic weapons, and the ammunition that goes with them, I might buy your theory that all Muslims are terrorists.

God hates certain groups. God, as I understand things God only hates certain behavior. Not people, not things, not countries, not plants, or animals… you get the picture. Hate is a human emotion, and to take your hatred of anyone or anything is about as un-godlike, and, in fact un-Christian as it gets! Jesus spent his lifetime teaching love and compassion. Regardless of whether Jesus is your messiah or not, his teachings are about inclusion, not exclusion, about love, not hate, and about making and sharing peace, which is impossible if you’re busy spreading hate even if you think you’re doing it in the name of God! So please, practice whatever religion appeals to you, but leave it at home, or at church! Keep it out of our laws, our states, our public schools, and for God’s sake, stop hitting me, and everyone else over the heads with your bible!


5 thoughts on “Stop Hitting Me in the Head With Your Bible!

  1. You seem to be somewhat confused. I have been a member of three strongly fundamental Baptist churches in my lifetime with scores of guest speakers from all over the world preaching strictly Bible lessons.

    I have never heard anyone say that God is an American – not once ever.

    I have never heard anyone claim that God speaks English only. I would agree with you that most people who say they speak to God have not.

    God cannot be described in racial terms; however, Jesus, if you track through the genealogies in the Bible, was most likely of Asian descent.

    God can be described as a Christian, I suppose, since his Son was the Christ. In the case of abortion bombers and murderers, their crimes are no less hideous than those of the abortion doctors.

    God’s agenda is simple: he wants us to love him and wants us to love one another. The wars, weapons and all of that other stuff are symptoms of sin. God has allowed humankind the ability to make decisions. All too often, the decisions made are not great.

    God does not hate anyone. God hates sin. If I sin he hates my sin. If you sin, he hates your sin. But in any case he loves the individual and sent his Son to earth to save us from those sins. His invitation for that salvation is optional. It is up to each of us to decide.

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